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As the first winery to offer their wines at Pinot Boutique, Paradocx Vineyard‘s ‘Paint Can’ wines are a favorite among our customers. As a more playful, more attractive version of boxed wine the paint cans provide 3L of wine for under $40. A great deal!  The vineyard itself is owned and operated by the Hoffman and Harris Families. The name of the winery is a play on words, as the four principles are practicing physicians (Pair of Docs).

To order ahead of time, simply fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and we’ll have your wines ready for you!  NEW! We are now offering wine delivery to areas within the Philadelphia city limits. $25 delivery fee for up to 1 case of wine.

PDX Vineyard Barn Red Blend   [750 mL $15.00, 3 Liter Can $40.00]
Medium bodied with aromas of red berries and plum combined with pleasant oakiness.

PDX Chardonnay      [750 mL $19.00, 3 Liter Can $45.00]
Perfect balance of oak and fruit flavors. Ripe apple, mandarin, citrus and a pleasant buttery finish.

PDX East Coast Concord   [750mL $15.00, 1.5L Pouch $19.99]
Sweet red wine made from native Concord grape. Fruity flavors of red berries, blackberries and cherries.

PDX Leverage   [750mL $30.00]
Dark ruby in color with medium to full body. Aged in French oak for 8 months, it with aromas of red berries and spices. A hint of tobacco and leather with a vanilla finish.

PDX Merlot   [750mL $24.99]
This lighter style merlot has a deep garnet color with black cherry, raspberry and vanilla aromas. Subtle notes of plum and tobacco and a vanilla finish.

PDX East Coast Niagara   [1.5L Pouch $19.99]
Niagara is a sweet white wine made with native Niagara grapes having the aroma of stepping into the winery during fermentation each Autumn. A floral nose of spring blossoms and pallet full of peaches and sweet stone fruits.

Paradocx Spiced Red Wine         [750mL $15.00, Can $45.00]
Spiced wine with strong aromas and flavors of baking spices. It is recommended to be served with an apple or orange slice, cinnamon stick and star anise.

Paradocx T-Wine Pouch           [1.5 L $17.00]
Sweet white wine blend enlaced with subtle natural tea flavors to create a refreshing taste experience.

PDX Vidal Blanc 2011       [750mL $19.00]
Zesty and complex aromatics of tropical fruits with a floral finish combined with flavors like lemon, pineapple and pear.

PDX Whitewash Blend  [750mL $15.00, 3 Liter Can $40.00]
Medium-bodied with flavors of stone fruits, tropical fruits and citrus and hints of spices and minerals.

PDX Yield   [750mL $25.00]
A medium-bodied wine with an elegant acidity and notes of almond, peach and lime. A uniquely delicious blend of several varietals.

Paradocx Vineyard’s ‘Paint Cans’

Paradocx Barn Red ‘Paint Can’          [3L $39.99]
Medium body red with aromas of red berries and plums combined with pleasant notes of oak. Blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Franc grapes.

Paradocx Cabernet ‘Paint Can’            [3L $44.99]
An exceptionally elegant wine that offers attractive notes of tobacco, plums and prunes, slight chocolate with a background of leaves and a hint of vanilla. It has smooth tannins on a medium body.

Paradocx Chardonnay ‘Paint Can’         [3L $44.99]
This Chardonnay has well-balanced acidity and mouth feel. A blend of specific clones in our vineyard, fermented and aged in French Oak barrels carries hints of apple, mandarin, and nutty flavors, with a pleasant buttery finish.

Paradocx Spiced Red ‘Paint Can’         [3L $44.99]
The Spiced Red Wine is flavored with cinnamon sticks, whole cloves and cardamom pods to create a cozy addition that can be shared with friends and family during the Holidays or just on a chilly evening. Enjoy as is or warmed with apples and orange slices.

Paradocx Whitewash ‘Paint Can’         [3L $39.99]
Medium body white with generous aromas and flavors of apple, citrus, grass, and mineral. Special blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Vidal. A good partner for spicy foods or enjoyed on its own.  Available in a standard 750 ml bottle or our fun 3.5 liter paintcan package.

  • Delivery available in Philadelphia city limits. $25 flat delivery fee for up to 1 case of wine.