Food and Wine Pairings

Philly Food and Wine Pairings

To experience the American history around Philadelphia, you must see Betsy Ross’ house, Ben Franklin’s grave, and of course the steps of the Art Museum (made famous by Rocky). In order to experience the culture – you have to taste famous Philly foods and local wines!

During this entertaining 60 minute class, you’ll enjoy perfect pairings featuring delicious local wines and classic Philadelphia foods. Your adventure will include three of the following: The Philly Cheesesteak, a soft pretzel, Peanut Chews or Tastykakes. Learn the history of these distinctive local favorites and how you can enjoy them with wine. We bet you didn’t think that was possible!

TICKETS $35/person

Poor Man’s Pairings

If you’re into wine you probably know about some classic wine pairings. For example Champagne goes well with caviar and Port wine with a gorgonzola blue cheese. But what if your budget does not offer you the luxury of these expensive pairings? Does this mean you need to forgo the opportunity to experience these sublime combinations of complimentary flavors?

Not at all! In this tasting you will learn a few ‘poor man’s’ alternatives to some classic wine pairings. Not only will you get to taste some fun food and wine pairings, you will learn the basic pairing principles so you can come up with your own unique combinations. Champagne and potato chips anyone?

TICKETS $35/person