‘Meet the Winemaker’

‘Meet the Winemaker’ Vertical Wine Tasting

Auburn Road is one of the top wine producers in South Jersey and the source of many award winning wines available at Pinot Boutique Wine Bar. Join us for a special mid-week tasting hosted by Auburn Road Vineyard & Winery owners and winemakers Scott and Jules Donini.

Enjoy a unique vertical tasting featuring multiple vintages of several premium red blends from Auburn’s Cellar collection.

What is a Vertical Tasting?
A vertical tasting is meant to compare difference vintages of the same wine, from the same winery. We will be tasting one bottling from one winery – Auburn Road Vineyards – over the course of years (i.e. 2013 to 2016). It is a great way to see how the yearly climate can affect a wine’s taste!

TICKETS $15/person