Wine Regions

Beyond Chianti: Interesting Italian Wines

The amour for Italian wines is abundant in the City of Brotherly Love! We just can’t seem to get our fill of Chianti and Super Tuscans. Sangiovese (the grape found in Chianti) wines are produced in central Tuscany, the birthplace of some of the best wines in the world. But there are so many interesting Italian grapes that you probably haven’t discovered. An official Italian survey found there are roughly 440 different varietals of Italian grapes that become wines! While we can’t promise we’ll take you through all 440 varietals, we will take you through a few of our favorites.

These are some of the most delectable wines in the world–and the good news is they can be very wallet-friendly! Join us as we taste some lesser known Italian varietals that we love and we know you will too. Prepare to impress your friends with your newfound knowledge about some of the more unique and lesser-known varietals. This is one of our favorite classes, as we get transported to another world and explore all of the delicious wines (well, not quite all 440) Italy has to offer. Get your passports ready: we are going beyond Chianti, and into the interesting world of Italian wines.

white and redSouth of the Border: Wines of Chile and Argentina

Get ready to take a trip south of the border with Pinot Boutique as your guide! South America does not typically come to mind when one thinks of wine, but it should, as this region has a rich history with varietals. This class will feature two unique and often over-looked wine-producing areas of the world, Chile and Argentina. Chile has a widely unknown history surrounding wine dating back to the 16th century. Argentina has just as rich a history as the fifth largest producer of wine in the world–its roots coming from Spanish wines.

During this tasty tasting, we will be tasting the styles of wine that best demonstrate these regions’ strengths. And like all of our featured international tastings–passports are not required! Impress your friends and family with your new knowledge of these two unique wine producers, and expand your own palette along the way!

Wines from Down Under: Australia and New Zealand

When most people think of wine, their thoughts go to Italy or France – not Australia. What most do not realize is that Australia is the world’s fourth biggest exporter of wines. This is your chance to learn about some of the more exquisite wines from Australia and New Zealand. Wine is produced in every state of Australia and New Zealand–Australia alone has 40 designated growing seasons.

A Pinot Boutique favorite, your guided wine class and tasting will include 5 samples of select wines picked from these regions to expand your horizons of taste. If you have not tried the incredible Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay coming out of Australia, you are really missing out! Not to mention the vibrancy and intensity of New Zealand red blends and Sauvignon Blancs. This class is for all winos–both newcomers and connoisseurs–so sign up now and take your first step to learning more about this unique group of varietals!

Wines of Spain’s two neighbors, Italy and France, are both world-renowned for their production of and history surrounding wine and varietals. But let’s not leave Spain off this list of best wine producers! Spain has more than 2.9 bullion–yes that is right, billion–acres planted for wine production. This makes it the leader in acreage planted for wine in the world! Along with this title is its title as the third-largest producer of wine worldwide.

Travel across the Atlantic to learn the differences between Rioja vs Rueda, Verdejo vs Viura, and Vinos de la Mesa vs Vinos de la Tierra!  Delve into this rich history and become an expert on some of the most cherished varietals in the world. You’ll enjoy five Spanish wines, including typical varietals like Tempranillo and Garnacha, while stories will be told about the grapes, wine-making process and the history of Spain.

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