Harvest Ridge Winery


Did you know that the climate and soil of Delaware and our surrounding region is very similar to that of Bordeaux? Make no mistake, quality grapes are being grown here and outstanding wines are being produced in our area, with our grapes. Harvest Ridge Winery is proud to be an East Coast Winery, producing excellent wines made from local grapes.

To order ahead of time, simply fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and we’ll have your wines ready for you!  NEW! We are now offering wine delivery to areas within the Philadelphia city limits. $25 delivery fee for up to 1 case of wine.

Harvest Ridge Blue Hen Blue   [750mL $17.00]
Sweet and fruity blend of Concord grape, blackberry and blueberry wine.

Harvest Ridge Chambourcin 2013    [750mL $17.00]
A medium-bodied, lightly oaked, dry red flavors of red licorice and raspberries with smokey hints followed by dark fruit flavors.

Harvest Ridge Chardonnay 2013   [750mL $18.50]
Unoaked with strong mineral notes of wet stones and crisp green apples and banana on the nose. Minerals and apples continue on the palate, with hints of citrus and zesty  lime on the finish.

Harvest Ridge Country Bloom    [750mL $16.00]
A sweet summer blush. Strawberry lingers on the palete with juicy wild berry and cranberry nuances.

Harvest Ridge Mead    [750mL $24.99]
A rich and sticky honey dessert wine made from 100% locally-sourced honey that is sure to satisfy your senses and sweet tooth.

Harvest Ridge Meritage     [750mL  $39.99]
A complex nose of ripe berries, prunes and dried rose petals with intense notes of exotic spices and herbs. A select blend of Malbec, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon, aged for 16 months in New American oak.

Harvest Ridge Peach Blossom    [750mL  $15.99]
Peach and traminette blend is a fruit forward and highly aromatic wine with intense white floral notes ripe yellow peaches and fresh nectarines. A great accompaniment to spicy Thai food, fruit salad, or chilled by itself.

Harvest Ridge Pinot Gris   [750mL  $19.99]
A lovely wine that exhibits apple blossom floral notes with hints of anjou pear and quince fruit. A great summer white best enjoyed chilled with seafood and salad or by itself as an aperitif.

Harvest Ridge Red No 47 Red Blend     [750mL  $18.00]
An unoaked red blend with a plum and black cherry nose and dark fruit flavors. Very smooth.

  • Delivery available in Philadelphia city limits. $25 flat delivery fee for up to 1 case of wine.