General Wine Knowledge

All About Rosé

You’re not alone if your first thought when you hear “rosé” is of white zinfandel, that super sweet blush juice which dominated the box-format wine market for years. However, the style and technique of rosé goes way beyond that. In fact, pink wine ranges from bone-dry to sugary sweet, and from the most transparent hue of ruby on up to a saturated, opaque crimson. Rosé is at least as diverse in style as white and red wines, and definitely more colorful.

Within the past years, the American market for all styles of rosé has exploded. More frequently we are choosing rosé as a table wine, or as a perfect dinner pairing. New to Pinot’s Saturday classes, we’ll be exploring the various ways rosé is produced, the many appearances and flavors it can assume, and why more and more Americans have fallen for this love-able libation.

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website_bubbliciousBubbilicious: Celebration Wines

Prepare for your next celebration as you Indulge your senses and expand your palette.    Come taste a variety of sparkling and desert wines and learn about different techniques of production – including the Traditional Champagne Method.  We’ll discuss what foods pair best with these wines, the difference between “brut” and dry, and go over strategies for drinking great sparklers without breaking the bank!  

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Develop Your Wine IQ

Come join us for this fun wine class in Philly and take the mystery out of wine! Develop Your Wine IQ presents an easy, fun-filled setting where you can learn the basics while tasting a sampling of wines from Pinot Boutique’s local collection. In this 60 minute class we will explore wine regions, how wine is made, wine varieties, and how to read a wine label. The world of wine can be intimidating, but we are here to introduce you to the ins and outs of being a wine drinker.

This class is for casual wine drinkers ready to take the next step into the exciting world of wine. After this class you’ll feel like a wine “insider”, confident in choosing what to drink and ready to taste more.

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Tasting Like a Pro

When someone asks you about a wine’s aromas and flavors, is your only answer ‘I don’t know’? Let’s leave the long explanations using bizarre, even inedible adjectives to the wine connoisseurs. For this wine class, you can expect to broaden your tasting expertise to describe a wine solely based on it’s aromas and flavors. There is no fruit in wine besides fermented grape juice; and yet, some wines smell distinctly like strawberry as opposed to blackberry or vice versa, even for a new wine drinker.

In this class, we aim to compare wines side-by-side with fruits, spices and aromatic objects to see if you can spot the similarities between the two. Broaden your wine vocabulary by experiencing black pepper, white flowers, honey and vanilla among others and see which wines you smell and taste them in. Ever heard of Gewürztraminer? How about lychees? Come taste them side by side (one is a wine, the other is a fruit) and see if you won’t be amazed at the likeness in flavor.

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The Sweet Stuff: A Dessert Wine Experience

If you’re a wine lover you know there’s a wine for every course of a meal. This is true even for dessert and there’s no shortage of delicious and decadent wines to satisfy your sweet tooth. The “dessert wine” category encompasses a wide spectrum of styles and flavors. In fact, any wine with significant residual sugar can be called a dessert wine. Some are light, effervescent, and about as alcoholic as a domestic beer. Or, at the other end of the spectrum, they can be a nutty, boozy fortified wine. With such a diversity of styles, there’s a dessert wine out there for everybody.

Come discover what’s best for you! In this class we’ll explore some of the most popular options, such as moscato d’asti, sweet late harvest wine, luscious fruit wine, and fortified wines like port and madeira.