Dessert Wine

Enjoy some of our delicious dessert wine options. These wines are meant to be served in a small glass and enjoyed like a glass of Scotch. From a muscat as sweet as sherry, to a refreshing tea-like taste, to a dry rose, and more. These dessert wines are the finishing touch your sweet tooth needs.

To order ahead of time, simply fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and we’ll have your wines ready for you!  NEW! We are now offering wine delivery to areas within the Philadelphia city limits. $25 delivery fee for up to 1 case of wine.

Auburn Road Blessington          [$13.99]
Blessington is our sweet red blend with juicy grape flavors. Nice with a little chill on it in the summertime. It’s like being back sitting under your grandfather’s grape arbor again.
Bronze Medal – 2010 New Jersey Wine Competition

Harvest Ridge NV Blue Hen Blue         [$16.99]
Our ever popular red and fruit wine blend, which opens on the nose with loads of wild berry and candied fruit notes. The slightly sweet and slightly tart palate with ripe blueberry and fresh grape flavors would compliment hot wings, spicy nachos, and charbroiled burgers.

Harvest Ridge NV Country Bloom              [$15.99]
Our sweet summer blush impresses with delicate floral notes and loads of field fresh strawberries and banana aromas. The strawberry continues on the palate with juicy wild berry and cranberry nuances on the long smooth finish.Best enjoyed chilled with fruit salads or hot and spicy foods.

Pinnacle Ridge Concord    [1.5L   $19.99]
Concord is a sweet red wine made with native Concord grapes having the characteristics of just picked from the backyard arbor. Fruity flavors of bright red berries, blackberry, and red cherries.

Auburn Road Dry Rose          [$17.99]
Roxy is our dry rose – light, pink and ripe with the soft fragrance of strawberries, whipped cream and other delights!
Winner of GOLD Medal at the 2012 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition!  
Winner of GOLD Medal at the 2012 U.S. National Wine Competition!  
Winner of BRONZE Medal at the World Wine Championships (Rating 83 – Recommended) Their tasting notes:”Bright cotton candy pink color.  Aromas of cherry and watermellon taffy with a slight sprizy off-dry light body … and a hard candy finish.  Refreshing.”

Auburn Road Dulcinea            [$14.99]
The newest wine from Auburn Road! Dulcinea is a sweet, white table wine for Pinot Grigio and Riesling lovers.

Auburn Road Kind of Blue          [$13.99]
A sweet, light blueberry dessert wine made from Garden State blueberries. A refreshing summer wine!

Harvest Ridge Mead         [$24.99]
A rich and sticky honey dessert wine made from 100% locally-sourced honey that is sure to satisfy your senses and sweet tooth.

Pinnacle Ridge Niagara    [1.5L   $19.99]
Niagara is a sweet white wine made with native Niagara grapes having the aroma of stepping into the winery during fermentation each Autumn. A floral nose of spring blossoms and pallet full of peaches and sweet stone fruits.

Harvest Ridge Peach Blossom             [750mL  $15.99]
Peach and traminette blend is a fruit forward and highly aromatic wine with intense white floral notes ripe yellow peaches and fresh nectarines. A great accompaniment to spicy Thai food, fruit salad, or chilled by itself on a hot summer day.

Auburn Road Rosalita         [$14.99]
Rosalita is our sweet blush that jumps a little lighter! “Rosie” is a pretty pink blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Franc. Rosalita 2008 was the winner of a BRONZE medal at the 2009 New Jersey Wine Competition!

Paradocx T-Wine Pouch           [1.5 L, $23.99]
“T” is a white wine blend enlaced with subtle natural tea flavors to create a refreshing taste experience. Enjoy it at room temperature, slightly chilled, over ice or even warmed on a cold day. The ways to enjoy T-wine are endless!

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