Bubbilicious: Celebration Wines

Bubbilicious: Celebration Wines

Indulge your senses and expand your palette with Bubblicious! – our only class dedicated to Champagne & sparkling wine. Champagne gets its name from the Champagne region of France, where this bubbly treat is from. Grapes are sourced exclusively from this region, and are fermented twice–this is one high maintenance wine, and that’s why it’s so unique! However, champagne isn’t the only sparkling wine out there. How exactly do these wines get their bubbles? At Bubbilicious, we’ll take you through just a few of the many sparkling wine options there are, from fermentation to why they sparkle.

Taste a variety of sparkling wine styles and learn about different techniques of production – including the Traditional Champagne Method. These sparkling wines are often saved for special events, making this one of our favorite events–who doesn’t love to break open the bubbly to celebrate good wine with good friends? We’ll discuss what sets true Champagne apart, the difference between “brut” and dry, and go over strategies for drinking great sparklers without breaking the bank! Impress your friends with your new knowledge about all things bubbly, and get one step closer to being a true wine connoisseur.

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