Auburn Road Winery


Out of Pilesgrove, NJ, Auburn Road Vineyard and Winery is the Garden State’s foremost purveyors of Good Karma, terrific wine, peace and well being. Not only do they offer wine
varietals unique to the Two Bridges Wine Trail, they offer wines with the best names you’ll ever see!

Shop below for the list of Auburn Road Winery wines available for purchase at Pinot Boutique. To order ahead of time, simply fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and we’ll have your wines ready for you!  NEW! We are now offering wine delivery to areas within the Philadelphia city limits. $25 delivery fee for up to 1 case of wine.

Blessington   [750mL Bottle $14]
Semi-sweet red blend made from juicy Concord grapes. Best served slightly chilled.

Chambourcin   [750mL Bottle $19]
Full-bodied hybrid aged 2 years in new American oak barrels with deep fruit flavors

Classico   [750mL Bottle $23]
Blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot aged 23 months in oak barrels. Compare to your favorite Chianti Reserve.

Dry Rosé   [750mL Bottle $18]
Dry, Provencal style rose. Light, pink and ripe soft fragrance of tangerine, citrus and strawberries.

Dulcinea   [750mL Bottle $15]
Sweet white wine with hints of pineapple and honey. Made from the Native American Niagara grape.

Eidólon   [750mL Bottle $30]
Deep, dark, dry blend of Merlot, Chambourcin, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot aged 30 months in oak barrels and another 6-12 months in the bottle.

Gaia  [750 mL Bottle $25]
Dry red blend of Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc and Merlot aged 2 years in French oak barrels. A savory yet floral bright wine with a smooth silky finish.

Give Peach a Chance   [750mL Bottle $14]
Blend of sweet Jersey peaches and crisp Cayuga white wine.

Good Karma   [750mL Bottle $15]
Light, fruity, and dry red blend with bright, subtle strawberry and cherry flavors.

Hill Creek Apple   [750mL Bottle $15]
Apples from Hill Creek Farms in Mullica Hill provide the perfect blend of 3 apple varieties. Crisp acidity, gentle tartness and juicy sweetness make this wine a year round pleasure.

Pinot Grigio   [750mL Bottle $18]
Crisp with delicate aromas of cinnamon and pear. Tart, dry and fruity with a green apple and lemon finish.

Rosalita   [750mL Bottle $15.00]
Bright, pleasantly sweet blush that pays homage to the Springsteen song with the same name; it is also a New Jersey native.

Solé     [750mL Bottle $15.00]
A refreshing, off-dry Vidal Blanc with a touch of effervescence. Stainless steel fermented and aged.

‘The White Bottle’   [750mL Bottle $30.00]
An aromatic French-style Chardonnay fermented in stainless steel then aged on French oak barrels for 6 months. A hint of oak and subtle green apple flavors.

  • Delivery available in Philadelphia city limits. $25 flat delivery fee for up to 1 case of wine.